renBTCF NFT was all known as a non-fungible token as a digital certificate for intellectual property and which will be stored and traded on our decentralized smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. An owner of an NFT owns an equivalent of renBTCF as an asset, in as much proof of ownership been provided.

We are glad to announce that the renBTCFinance contract has now been audited.

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renBTCFinance referral wallet has now been updated. You can now login to check your account if you have referrals. Thanks.


renBTCFinance contract address now been verified by the Ethereum Blockchain team.

renBTCFinance Whitepaper version 1.0 has now been released. The version 2.0 will be released along with the App by April.
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The renBTCF ecosystem is governed by renBTCF token holders who accept and appoint on off-chain recommendations that govern the ecosystem. Recommendations that produce a preponderance support (More than 50% of the vote) are executed by a numbers of partner multi-signature wallet. Differences must occur and sign by a particular number of appointed out of signers in declaration to be implemented. The partners of the multi-signature wallet were appointed by renBTCF holders and are accountable to amend from prospective governance votes.

renBTCFinace is a creations in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that capitalizes staking, lending aggregation, yield farming, insurance, gaming, and NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This protocol is strengthened by several autonomous developers and is governed by renBTCF holders.

renBTCF — Decentralized yield aggregator platform.

Official finance website:

renBTC Finance

renBTC Finance (renBTCF) is a decentralized yield aggregator for staking, lending, gaming, and NFT platforms that re-balances for the highest yield.

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